Workshop for children: BIOMOLECULAR CANDIES

On the 9 of June 2022, Scientists against plastics carried out a workshop for children entitled Biomolecular Candies as part of the Week of the National Institute of Chemistry.

At the workshop, the children learned about a new type of alginate bioplastic and formed packaging in which they wrapped various sweet and salty treats. Such bioplastics are completely natural and edible and build towards a concept of future free of environmentally harmful plastics, which we have managed to present to children in an interesting way. In the following, the children also experienced the magic of the molecular kitchen and made sweet candy on the electric grill. They also had an opportunity to color the candies according to their wishes. Even more, they were able to express their creativity in the next challenge, as they were invited to design different, completely unique shapes in a similar way to the way they made the candy.

All the goodies that the children didn’t eat during the workshop they took  home and cheered their loved ones with the molecular feast.

Photo: Andrej Perdih


Responses of children:

“My Taja,  8 years old, was thrilled with the workshop. Next day she insisted to bring the candies with her to school to show it to her classmates. When she told to the teacher that the packaging is edible as well she didn’t believe her.  At the end children still ended up eating everything to the last bite.”




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