Sustainable fashion exhibition REFASHION

Between 21 February and 5 March 2022, a sustainable fashion exhibition called Refashion took place in Povezovalnica on Gornji trg. The exhibition based on the master’s thesis of fashion and textile designer Petra Jerič entitled Sustainable Biodegradable Garments for Fashion Brand Vivre at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering under the mentorship of prof. Elena Fajt and in cooperation with the Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana under the co-mentorship of dr. Uroš Novak.

With the sustainable fashion exhibition, the author wanted to draw attention to ecological, ethical and other burning issues in fashion and summon for the new innovative design solutions that will help us redefine the fashion system. She introduced her own plant biomaterials called Vivre (fr. to be, to exist). The materials consist of natural polysaccharides and are made for clothing purposes. The designer demonstrated the development of various formulations for biomaterials and an artistic upgrade by adding colors, patterns and textures. Based on selected materials, she designed a multifunctional collection of outerwear that is practical and comfortable, and upgraded it with fashion accessories such as belts, handbags and backpacks.

<img src="biodegradable clothes.jpg" alt="bioplastic fashion materials"/>

Photo: Valentina Preziuso, Models: Model Group

The author approaches sustainable design holistically in the entire process of product development. From planning, researching and designing materials and clothing collection, to the production of clothing itself, and then goes a step further, as it takes care of clothing even when it has already served its function. The material is recyclable and at the same time biodegradable. Clothing is also completely biodegradable, including thread, buttons and buckles

When designing materials, designer places great emphasis on the senses. She believes that today’s prevailing ocularcentric perception causes numbness of other senses, which are necessary for our well-being. Visitors of the exhibition had the opportunity to experience tactile and inhalation perceptions, for which we were severely deprived during the coronavirus pandemic, at the time this project was being developed.


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