Special Issue “Natural Polymer Materials and Their Derivatives Building a Sustainable Biorefinery Platform”

Special issue of Polymer is coming up with two guests editors, dr. Uroš Novak and dr. Lidija Čuček. Dr. Novak is leader of Scientists against plastic and works at the National Institute of Chemistry , Ljubljana. Dr. Čuček comes from Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Maribor.

Polymer is a peer-reviewed, open access journal of polymer science published semimonthly online by MDPI. This Special Issue invites contributions (original works as well as reviews) where natural polymer materials or their derivates present a major role in the research.

Natural polymers from biomass resources present an attractive alternative to conventional synthetic polymers. Starch and cellulose are the most abundant natural polymers on Earth. Their potential to create a sustainable biorefinery platform is enormous due to their renewable properties and availability worldwide. Another advantage is that the reactivity of the surface groups in polymers can be functionalized to tailor materials according to the needs of applications.

The Platform is interested in innovative and well-described applications of natural polymers and their use into manufactured goods such as packaging, pulp, textiles, and as well natural fibers, and to the chemistry used in their processing. You can read more about the special issue and possible contribution here.



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