Edible packaging for instant drinks, honey or sauces made from seaweed
Active packaging extending the shelf-life of food
Zero-waste packaging that leaves no trace

Beyond bioplastics

  • Biofoil that dissolves in water in less than 30 s -> zero-waste product
  • Can be consumed with a packaged beverage or food product -> tasteless and defined as food supplement
  • Liquids can also be stored at room temperature -> wide range of applications
  • Addition of the antimicrobial action -> extends the shelf life of packed food and/or enable multiple (re)use
  • Biofoils can be made by upcycling of by-products from the food processing industry (eg shrimp or crustacean shells)
  • All manufactured biofoils can be recycled or used as a natural fertilizer, as they are completely biodegradable.

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