Festival of Science- ZNANSTIVAL

On the 28 and 29 of May 2022, our group of researchers working at the National Institute of Chemistry called  Scientists Against Plastics,  presented ourselves on the thirteenth Znanstival which took place on Ljubljana streets.

The three-day festival, which aims to promote curiosity and creativity and promote education and science, did not leave visitors indifferent. Scientists against plastics attracted the curiosity of visitors, especially the youngest,  by making biomolecular candies in different flavors, which can be made in less than a minute. This was an example of a use of  biomaterial made of algae, which we already successfully use in other kinds of applications such as packaging, cosmetics and fashion. Visitors were invited to make their own candies and color them according to their wishes, and  of course to taste them.

Although the candies quickly ended up in the stomachs, the visitors met the main values of our research team, which will hopefully accompany them in their daily lives.


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