As part of the LJFW, an international exhibition on sustainable design entitled The Future Begins Now took place from 11 to 15 of April 2022. The purpose of the exhibition was to present innovations in the field of sustainability, futuristic technologies and organic materials.

Many fashion and textile designers presened their sustainable projects: Zala Hrastar, Nataša Hrupič x Sofija Nogard, Rozália Tóvaj, Katalin Huszár x Dávid Raffai, Tanja Vidic, Alexandra Kis-Baraksó, EJTECH, Lili Labus, Ela Vehovec and the Olimpija project (students NTF KOTO). The exhibition also presented the project Vivre, by Petra Jerič, which is the result of cooperation between art and science. Namely, it is a connection between the Chair of Textile and Fashion design at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and the National Institute of Chemistry. The author of the work designed innovative plant-based biomaterials, thus emphasizing the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation for creating new innovative solutions for a better future of fashion.




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