Can you envision your lifestyle without »plastic« pollution?

We are scientists against plastic who are aiming to bring innovation and knowledge of bioplastics and zero-waste technologies to society and business.


UPSTREAM (WP-leaders)

The UPSTREAM project (HORIZON-MISS-2022-OCEAN-01-04) is based on the widespread deployment and demonstration of a suite of 15 advanced solutions that address the serious issues of pollution from litter, plastics, and microplastics in European rivers along 5 pillars – monitoring, prevention, elimination at wastewater treatment plants, elimination from rivers, and valorisation of collected plastics. The project involves 23 partners from Europe, the UK and the Eastern Balkans.

REMEDIES (coordinator – Uroš Novak)

The REMEDIES project (HORIZON-MISS-2021-OCEAN-03-01) is built around the three main pillars of monitoring plastic litter, its collection and valorisation and the prevention of the distribution of non-degradable plastics. It aims to restore, protect and preserve the health of our ocean, seas and waters by 2030. The most promising aspect is the activation and necessary participation of citizens affected by plastic pollution directly on the shorelines.
We are happy to lead the 23 partners consortium of EU Missions call, which are a new way to bring concrete solutions to some of our greatest challenges.

BioApp (Coordinator – Uroš Novak)

Connecting research ideas to develop advanced biopolymers, smart biomass materials that could be linked to reducing the use of disposable plastics.



The strategic direction of the program is the advanced use of biomass as a renewable raw material source for the development of new materials and bio-based products. For these purposes, an integrated value chain has been established for the cascading use of biomass.



RURALITIES (HORIZON-CL6-2021-COMMUNITIES-01-02) implements a social sciences and humanities overarching methodology. Main goal is to deliver a multi-points expertise and learning framework supported by a network of RURNex actors and facilities which enable the effective capacity building of rural communities towards ensuring the sustainable, balanced and inclusive development of simplified socio-ecological systems (SIMSES), and simultaneously contribute to raise rural communities’ awareness on the variety of source-points driving climate change challenges and the related pathways to overcome or mitigate them.

ESTELLA (WP-leaders)

The main objective of the ESTELLA project (HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01-11) is to increase the sustainability of thermosetting epoxy composites by acting on the whole value chain of the materials, starting from the design stage through the introduction of covalent adaptable network bonds in bio-based matrices and fibres. Ultimately this will enable their recycling, while redefining all manufacturing and recycling processes involved, ensuring the maximal recovery rate of its components, and strengthening the environmental and economical dimensions of thermosetting composites value chain.



We have recognized that the laundry industry plays a significant role in damaging the environment, especially through the enormous quantity of drinkable water used just to wash our coats. The release of microplastics,or small pieces of plastic debris, are a byproduct of the breakdown of consumer products and a harmful pollutant.
This is why we have created a system that takes the standard laundry process and makes it finally environment friendly by drastically reducing the use of drinkable water to wash our clouts while stopping the microplastic pollution, consequently radically decreasing the carbon footprint per laundry.


myWater Technologies

We are increasingly aware that plastic waste is a problem, and the use of disposable plastic, such as water bottles, is becoming increasingly unacceptable.
The digital refill water station delivers healthy hydration while implementing a circular economy. The water drop-shaped filling window encourages the user to fill an empty bottle with local water, emphasizes the importance of hydration in public places, and at the same time reduces the negative impact of plastic on the environment. Moreover, with the IoT-enabled real-time data it provides a digital public service and is smart-city ready.
The mission of the myWater team is to create easy-to-use public water infrastructure and work in such a way that materials, convenience, and sustainable living coexist. The vision is to bring sustainable and clean water to everyone, everywhere.



Slovenian start-up company, which enables to transform of the existing, traditional business models into new, innovative, green solutions. More than 13 years of experience in the plastic supply chain and 7 years of experience in bioplastic give EVEGREEN an excellent insight into how to support customers in the sustainability journey.



The idea of Vivre is to build a self-sustaining and fair ecosystem to restart the fashion industry by offering biocompatible and recyclable plant-based biomaterials alternatives, active clothing and fashion accessories. Vivre is bringing the change in fashion with its ecological, ethical, and psychological benefits with which it empowers young women to take the lead in fashion and change it for the better.



123zero represents a new generation of personal care products created with zero plastic waste and zero product waste. Join the responsible community and decrease the usage of single use packaging. Use hair and body marbles that are nourishing without leaving a trace in the environment.


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